Youtube Video : Getting around Morocco by Taxi Or bus

This Video is recorded by tourists visited morocco in 2017 about taxis and transportations in morocco.

In the end I gave him 60 dh even though a tip isn’t expected in Morocco. He had been polite and had gen

uinely tried to be more helpful. At the Riad, Jerome, the master asked how was that the taxi ride was. I related my haggling victory with pride, feeling to be an experienced caterer. He burst out laughing saying that considering that the dh had fallen in value a year ago the going rate was 70-80 dh.Or there is another ways which is finding a bus from marrakech to essaouira with at cheaper price.Can I won or had I just undercut a cabbie seeking to earn a full time income? Unsure of the answer but I understand I wish I had researched the specific situation just a bit more.

I had been stumbled upon the way in to the Medina as I drank my initial sights of Africa and knowing that I’d won my first haggling challenge The most recent guide book had suggested that 50-70 dirhams should be the proper fare to get a cab into the town.